Project Description

Senior Care & Community Access

Our team at our Connection Hubs specialise in supporting mature aged people to maintain their independence and stay connected with their community. We believe that forming and maintaining connections with neighbours, friends, and the wider community is important to enjoying your later years. Our activities focus on people over 50 looking to keep mobile, stay motivated and enjoy meeting others in a social environment.

Our centre activities are group orientated and focused on ensuring people become more social, make friends, and find a place where they can regularly feel supported.

Join the fun!

At iConnect Life, we are committed to ensuring you are getting the most out of life, helping to surround yourself with people who share similar interests and help you be part of a supportive community that has a positive effect on your overall wellbeing.

Our community access programs are designed to provide a welcoming and fun place to:

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  • Share new experiences

  • Build friendships

  • Develop new skills

  • Improve quality of life

  • Boost mental health & wellbeing

  • Have fun & socialise

  • Explore hobbies

  • Share interests & ideas

  • Avoid feeling lonely

  • Provide a sense of belonging

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