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Accommodation & Housing

Regardless of your funding arrangement, our friendly and informative team are here to provide you with more information and support regarding your accommodation and housing support options. Whether you are eligible for NDIS funding or are self-funded, we can assist you in finding the right supported accommodation plan that suits the lifestyle you want to have. The focus is on providing a supportive environment where people can develop independent living skills and, where suitable, move towards less intensive support. This service includes assessment, individual planning, thorough assistance on the process, and full support to achieve desired goals.

Looking for accommodation that feels like a home and supports your needs?

Our highly knowledgeable and trained team are here to help create an environment that feels like home. We are respectful, caring and want each of our clients to feel safe and, above all, enjoy their home life. At iConnect, we can support you with:

Live independently in a shared home with support for daily tasks and the development of life skills.

NDIS funding for housing options to enable people with extreme functional impairment to live comfortably.

Receive shortiterm or respite care in or away from your home. This service is great when emergency care is needed or when a person is seeking a change of scenery.
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Supported Independent Living ‘SIL’

Under the NDIS, Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a funded plan category where people living with a disability can build life skills to live as independently as possible in a group or shared accommodation environment. Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) services include everything from assisting with personal care, coordinating, and providing transport to medical appointments, meal preparations, and finding ways to get involved in your local community.

We are focused on developing the skills of everyone in each home, allowing them to live as independently as possible. Our team are there to offer a safe and comfortable environment and help with everyday tasks. Whether it’s gardening or cooking your favourite dishes, you can do it with self-confidence, knowing that we’re with you all the way.

SIL accommodation does not include board and lodging or other daily living expenses such as food and activities or the capital costs associated with your accommodation.

Many clients with a SIL arrangement can also have a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) package, which covers the cost of the physical accommodation.

Our care is designed to help you build a comfortable home base that is personal and supports your desired lifestyle. We understand that every home is different and your needs are unique. For this reason, your Supported Independent Living (SIL) space requires attention to detail and should be personalised to your needs.

We can provide independent living support in your own home, at private accommodation or at one of our accessible share homes.

At iConnect Life, we want to help you create a space that you can call home. We want to help you live life the way you choose.

Specialist Disability Accommodation ‘SDA’

Everyone deserves to live in a comfortable and secure home with the right supports, and Specialist Disability Accommodation ‘SDA’ funding is specifically designed to support this. SDA is used for the dwelling itself and is not intended to cover support costs (such as Supported Independent Living – SIL) assessed and funded separately by the NDIS. 

NDIS SDA covers a range of housing options that enable people with extreme functional impairment, or very high support needs to live comfortably and receive the daily supports they need. It can include shared supported accommodation, residential units, or self-contained homes fitted with specialist housing solutions.

Our team have several accommodation options available across Northern NSW and South East Queensland. There are four categories for NDIS participants that meet SDA funding eligibility, these include:

Improved Liveability

Designed to improve ‘liveability’ by incorporating a medium level of physical access and enhanced provision for people with sensory, intellectual, or cognitive impairment.

Fully Accessible

This type of home incorporates high-level physical access for people with significant physical impairment. People who have a significant physical impairment, for example, wheelchair users, may be eligible for Fully Accessible SDA. Home features may include:

  • No steps at external outdoor areas and doors.
  • Wide wheelchair-accessible entryways.
  • Appliances and sinks can be reached from a standing or sitting position.
  • Power supply to doors and windows for full automation.


Robust specialist disability housing is for people with complex behaviours and may sometimes be a risk to themselves or others. This type of home incorporates adequate space to support the needs of people with complex behaviours, a high level of physical access provision and risk reduction for improving participant living. The home will also have an area of retreat for other residents, carers and staff; impact-resistant materials to protect participants and reduce the need for maintenance or repairs.

High Physical Support

High Physical Support homes meet the needs of people with significant physical impairment or persons who need a high level of personal support. The home may feature structural provision for ceiling hoists, assistive technology, emergency power solutions to protect residents’ welfare, and other household communication technologies.

Short Term Accommodation ‘STA’ & Medium-Term Accommodation ‘MTA’

iConnect Life provides clients with short-term accommodation ‘STA’ and Medium-Term Accommodation ‘MTA’ opportunities and respite care to give clients a relaxing time or a change of scenery. We can provide clients with personal care and support day or night, helping them feel safe and comfortable in their short- or medium-term accommodations. During your stay, clients can engage in a host of popular activities within the surrounding community, such as attending sporting events, enjoying a concert, or going to a theme park – the choice is yours.

Meals are also provided throughout your stay. Meals include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

What’s included:

  • Personal care and assistance with showering, dressing, and using the bathroom.
  • Medication administration and storage.
  • Personalised support
  • Assistance with any lifestyle and recreational activities you may choose to engage with.

It is important that you have, or are applying for, the correct funding from the NDIS. If you’re not sure, we also offer NDIS Support Coordination so you can get the most out of what you deserve.

Current Vacancies

Accommodation Locations

We have houses in a number of suburbs across the Tweed Coast and South East Queensland. We acquire new homes for our client’s on a regular basis and are always aiming to expand our range of options, so we can better support you. To chat about our current accommodation vacancies or upcoming locations, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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